Thursday, December 13, 2012

Growth Hormone And Bodybuilding

Growth hormone is getting a reputation as a miracle rejuvenating compound. According to a bevy of studies, a surge in your GH can increase your muscle mass; burn bodyfat; strengthen connective tissues, including tendons and ligaments; help heal injuries; revitalize your skin and hair; bolster your immune system and give you more energy.
It’s no wonder drug companies have been overwhelmed by the demand since GH was first introduced more than two decades ago. Today aging baby boomers consider it the Fountain of Youth, which is driving demand even higher. Most bodybuilders couldn’t care less about revitalizing skin and hair, but GH’s muscle-building, fat-burning potential has lured them to it like nerds to a “Star Trek” convention. Bodybuilders began experimenting with GH in the late ’80s and early ’90s, and now almost every pro is using or has used it. Many experts believe that human growth hormone is so powerful, it’s the reason physique athletes are so much bigger and leaner now than they were in past decades. In fact, GH may be the single biggest reason there are so many behemoths stalking the stages at pro contests—it’s the ultimate muscle-building, fat-burning compound, especially when used in conjunction with other substances—legal or otherwise. Scientists are beginning to understand that GH has synergistic reactions with other anabolic hormones in the human endocrine system, including testosterone. The problem is, GH is a prescription drug that you have to administer intramuscularly.

So the question becomes: How do you increase your GH naturally to harness its amazing power without having to inject it and risk dangerous side effects? The answer is, you take advantage of scientific training techniques and supplements that are based on the latest research. Training for GH release involves keying in on the big compound exercises, like squats and rows, and also getting a burn in the target muscles by supersetting exercises and/or using other set-extending techniques. If you want an even bigger, better surge, you should use supplements that complement those strategies, specifically GH Stak, an effervescent growth hormone booster, and Cort-Bloc, a cortisol control compound. GH Stak and Cort-Bloc synergize to ratchet up your natural growth hormone levels. As IRONMAN’s European researcher Michael G√ľndill explained, “When GH users are unhappy with their results, the culprit is usually cortisol. Cortisol and GH are mortal enemies. Studies have demonstrated that GH’s anabolic effects are blunted when cortisol level is high. Scientists think cortisol reduces the number and/or the responsiveness of GH receptors to growth hormone. What’s more, high-cortisol secretion is usually associated with a reduced GH secretion. Research has shown that GH boosters fail to elevate GH secretion whenever cortisol is high.” That pretty much sums up the synergy of the two supplements. Here’s how and why they work.

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