Thursday, March 26, 2015

Health Problems Caused By Trenbolone Use And How To Avoid It

Trenbolone is one of the most powerful steroids, with amazing bulking characteristics. It’s about 3 times more potent than many other AAS. But how everything comes with a price, the side effects associated with tren use are the harshest.

Back in time in 90’s the average norm of Parabolan, a form of tren, was around 50 gr weekly.  This dosage is equal with 50 gr of tren. Another form of tren, Finaject, was used in the same dosage but 2-3 times a week. In those time, 50 gr per week was considered a pretty high, especially in US.

In Europe such a dosage was taken daily and considered normal. Nowadays, most of trainee use tren in even larger dosage, around 75 gr-100gr/day.

As we said, tren is a powerful steroid. 50 gr of tren is equal with 150gr of any other steroid, which is huge for a daily use. Going with larger dosage comes hand in hand with a range of side effects that in worst cases are irreversible.

Night sweats and reduced cardio capacity are two of the most common complains with tren use. We talked about them in one of our previous post. Click on the text link to read it entirely. We’ve found an explanation for reduced cardio capacity and way you can improve it, while night sweats have no obvious reasons. The only recommendation we mentioned than that can help avoid the night sweats as much as possible is to get the room as cool as it is possible. Also, the user who faces this issue, may also use beach towels in order to sop up the sweat.

Behavior issues, also known as roid rage, are very frequent with tren. Tren aggravates the aggression level, but it does not contain substances that modify the behaviour as many illicit drugs do.

A solution is to be aware of this aggression and try to control it. Many individual use in the gym, working out more aggressively and getting much better result. There is no need for tren aggression to be addressed with medication. Having a strong sense of control over it helps in much higher degree than any drug can do.

Sleep problems, aside of sweating, are also a concern. Sleep-aiding supplements are a solution, or limiting the intake of coffee is also of great help.

Libido issue including erectile dysfunction is also possible with tren. The main cause for this is the increased level of Prolactin. Adding testosterone to your tren cycle is a good way to stay away of prolactin side effects.

Increased blood pressure, hair loss or acne are also possible when tren taken, but they are quite rare. In most cases they occur when there are already health issues and they just worsen the condition. The chances for a healthy men to get acne, hair loss or increased blood pressure because of tren are reduced. But individuals prone to some of these conditions should not take tren at all.

Trenbolone dosage
Some bodybuilder do great with 50 gr of tren per day, while others encounter problems and have to go with lower dosage. Even at 30-35 gr per day some people develop serious side effects, and in these cases the best is to resort to other steroids with same properties.

The lucky ones are those who can take up to 100 gr daily of tren with no real problems at all.

Trenbolone Stacks
Basic tren cycle will always include testosterone, because of suppression action of tren on natural testosterone. The recommended dosage is about 50 gr daily for each of them for no longer than 8 weeks. If you do well with such a dosage, you can go with higher dose and longer time next time you are cycling. This is bulking cycle, while for cutting tren is good to be mixed with Winstrol or Anavar.

Advanced Trenbolone cycle
Such a cycle has a duration of 10-12 weeks and also include testosterone. Deca-Durabolin is a great addition for immense muscle gains.

When it comes to cutting and dieting with tren, you are free to choose for a wide range of option. Equipoise or Winstrol are two of many cutting drugs you can mix tren with.

Trenbolone is a powerful anabolic steroid which can cause a range of serious side effects if abused or taken wrongly. Go with lower dosage and increase the attention on diet and workout for fewer side effects and great results. Observe the way you body react to tren use, since even on 30 gr daily some people may experience serious health problems. Cease it and opt for other similar steroids less powerful but still very efficient whether it’s about bulking or cutting.


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