Monday, June 20, 2011

Bodybuilding Myths (part2)

Among those who regularly engaged in the gym (as well as among their coaches) are often dominated by beliefs that are not backed by science, but nevertheless are considered immutable axioms. Some of these common myths we try to refute - those that primarily relate to recruitment of muscle mass.

4. For muscle growth you need to do 8-12 repetitions per set.

The recommendation is based on the mythical "research" not less than the mythical "experts." In fact, different not only all the people - different muscle groups at one and the same person may be predominantly composed of different types of muscle fibers. "Fast" and "slow." And different types of muscle fibers to a different number of reps to achieve their maximum stimulation. The range is suitable for 8-12 repetitions of a certain "average" person, but how many of these in real life?

5. This training program has worked for someone else, then it will work for me

Not a fact that will suit what was previously "blow up" the muscles of your colleagues. Everyone is different, and your task is to find something suitable for you. It is incredibly hard, but it is defined and success in bodybuilding.

And it is absolutely not worth doing, it is to copy the program of "stars" of professional bodybuilding, and just a well-known athletes. First, at each stage of the training she put in front of a well-defined tasks that can not match yours. Second, professional athletes - genetically gifted people, they can work longer and heavier, their muscles can often respond to a completely different type of load, rather than muscle the average person. A classic example - Ronnie Coleman. For one hundred and one hundred of those who want to repeat his training program in precision, it will not give anything.

6. Always stick to the plan of training

And this rule is not necessarily to follow. And if you suddenly feel tired after a disastrous run half of the planned exercises? Continue to train at the same pace and with the same volume? But that only you'll get over training and - ultimately - to reduce muscle size rather than increase them. Worth thinking about.

Perhaps the converse - is training as a gamble, too easy, despite the fact that the load volume and weight of the weights is very decent. In this case you should go a little further along the path of increasing the volume and try to put a new power record. Since you've caught the boldness, use it! This happens not so often.

7. Go to the gym is always on a strict schedule. Even if you do and do not want to

   Well, if you're in the gym, say, a personal trainer, then it's only you and left. For ordinary users this same rule does not strictly necessary. The main index has to be your health. If you feel very tired, better skip the workout. If fatigue is within acceptable limits, go to the gym, but try to train easily. Just do not confuse fatigue with ordinary laziness.
   And, in any case do not perform miracles of heroism, if you are sick - training with a high temperature to no good will not.

8. With properly planned "natural" training can not achieve less success than with the "Farm"

It is impossible. Huge muscles, our body perceives as an evil to be cured. To some extent this is true - the hypertrophied muscle is extremely nefiziologichny, they make the body, especially the cardiovascular system to work in extreme mode.
Anabolic steroids can overcome the resistance of the organism. In addition, they allow quick recovery after undergoing the load, so - to train more and more without the risk of overtraining. What not to affect the amount of muscle. So if you want to build really big muscles, then use the "achievement of the pharmaceutical industry," you just have to.

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