Monday, August 1, 2011

Why the "Olympia" Participants Were Tested for Cocaine?

On the "Olympia" - 96 for the first time since 1990, conducted a formal testing of the participants on the use of doping. In the doping sheet has been included a long list of diuretics, clenbuterol and cocaine. Arguments in favor of this choice is simple: these drugs from clandestine arsenal of bodybuilding is killed, and immediately. Those who gathered at the "Olympia", do not need such explanations. They understand everything and so perfectly. But inexperienced people, the inclusion of cocaine in the list of doping can cause confusion. Meanwhile, in a world of wholesale drug distribution, they began to penetrate even into the sport. As for cocaine, it is regarded as a stimulant. The drug blocks the action of neurotransmitters - the nervous signal transmitters, and thus an effect of the analgesic. As if there has been no cool, the buzz does not benefit your muscles.
Yes, you do not feel the weight of the barbell, but the expected anabolic effect will not be. Cocaine constricts blood stream, leading to increased blood pressure and reducing oxygen to the muscles. Additionally, cocaine consumption is accelerating the pace glycogen in the muscles. In the end it leads to a decrease in strength and endurance. Cocaine use, even occasionally, at the peak intensity of the training cycle, sooner or later cause the same brain changes as a heavy cocaine.
The disintegration of the personality associated with the toxic effects of cocaine on the brain. Some builders are trying to protect themselves by taking Nolvadex or Aldactone, but it is too difficult, especially because all ends sooner or later the growth of single doses and overdoses, which can not compensate for any medications. There is an assertion that cocaine can increase muscle "mass." In fact, cocaine is able to reduce the rate of metabolism, but it is known to be accompanied by an increase in body fat. So, the rapid increase of weight, rather, is associated with an increase in the proportion of fat in body composition.
Cocaine does not lower testosterone levels, unlike other narcotic stimulants, like amphetamines. But this is again under question. Scientists have conducted experiments on animals and reliably proven that cocaine disrupts their gonadal tissue. Experiments with rats have revealed yet another feature of cocaine: it blocks the secretion of growth hormone. Within an hour after taking cocaine out of the body, but traces of its presence can be detected 6 days later. To get to the cocaine, the bodybuilder should take it during the last week before the tournament, but what is if the muscle glycogen denies cocaine and thereby devalues ​​carbohydrate loading? Muscles lose elasticity and density, and appear to be flat.

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